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Printed OFF Round Long Pullover FUCK Neck Letter Sleeve Sweatshirt Who Do We Help?

Prevention 1st is on a mission to prevent injury by educating and/or hazard proofing the environments of those most at risk: older adults, young children and people with disabilities.

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Kids want to explore the world but are typically unaware of the risks involved.  Make children partners in safety and watch their behavior change!

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People with Disabilities

As more people with disabilities live independently, we help develop safety programs to meet their needs and interests.

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Maintaining independence is important as we age.  Learn simple steps to improve home safety and prevent injuries.


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Your Donation Matters

Sleeve FUCK Sweatshirt OFF Long Letter Printed Round Pullover Neck Your tax-deductible gift helps Prevention 1st, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, create and deliver hands-on, evidence-based training programs—consistently rated “highly effective”—to protect those most at risk for injuries.

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Safety Resources

See the following links for valuable information regarding Calling 911, Choking and Suffocation Prevention, Drowning Prevention, Preventing Falls, Fire and Burn Safety, General Injury, Gun Safety, Motor Vehicle Safety, Natural Disaster Injury Prevention, and Poison Control.